Training programs in English and Kannada from senior management to operators as in house and open house(Public program) on more than 48 modules.
We provide training and conduct seminars and workshops in the various modules


  • Managerial Skills
  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • Competencies for Managers
  • On Leadership
  • Trainers Training

Managerial/Executive/Supervisory Level

  • Performance Management
  • Art of Communication
  • Discipline and Disciplinary actions in industry
  • An effective Supervision
  • Enhancing Supervisory Skills for improved performance
  • On Positive Attitude
  • Conflict Resolution/Management
  • Driving Success


  • Time management
  • Team Work
  • On Assertiveness
  • Self Esteem and Motivation
  • Presentation Skills

Productivity Programmes

  • On Productivity
  • Cost control and Reduction
  • Awareness programme on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)/World Class Manufacturing

HR Specific

  • Reshaping the capabilities
  • Retention and Employee engagement
  • Talent Management
  • Effective Employee communication
  • Disciplinary actions and grievance handling
  • Strategic HRM
  • Creation of Dignified work place (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)
  • Competencies for HR Professionals (Junior & Middle Level)
  • On Recruitment Interviewing
  • Industrial Relations – approach to pathway
  • Awards and Recognition

Industrial Workers/Operators Programmes

  • I and My Company
  • Personal Hygiene and Upkeep
  • Health, Safety and Housekeeping
  • Towards Quality
  • Behavioral Safety and Management of Accidents
  • 5 s Principles & Kaizen
  • Work Culture

HRM/Labour Laws:

  • Labour Laws for Managers and Supervisors
  • Employment Laws for Construction & Other Industries
  • Workshop – Learnings on Labour Laws ( Karnataka and Tamilnadu)
  • Overview – Safety and Health requirements in India
  • Social security Awareness – Provident Fund (PF), Employees State Insurance ( ESI), Insurance Management

Management Topics

  • Effective Delegation
  • Decision Making Process
  • Art of Negotiation
  • General Management (For promoted personnel)


  • An Effective Security (for security personnel and agencies)
  • Personality Development/Effectiveness programme

Short Presentations

  • Appreciation and Criticism- How to receive and how to do
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Personal Strategic Planning
  • Labour Law Compliance Tips – An Industry perspective
  • New Directions in Manufacturing
  • Role of HR in changed Scenario

Our successful Open House Programmes
What Every Manager and Supervisor should know about Labour Laws, Enhancing Executive Skills for improved performance, Effective communication, Compensation and Benefit Strategies, Discipline and Disciplinary actions in industry, Employment Laws for Construction and other Industries, Towards New Direction, Awareness programme on GMP towards productivity and Quality, Competencies for HR Professionals, Self Esteem and Motivation, How to be a better manager, Labour law compliance-Importance and Benefits, Workshop- Manage Labour, Workshop on EPF & ESI, Disciplinary procedure and Domestic Enquiry.

We also organize programs for:
Colleges, Institutions, Students (Ask for details)